Are you interested in environmental volunteering? Earth Day is every day, and if there’s anything we all share, it’s the condition of our beautiful planet. From South America to New Zealand to Alaska to Ecuador to Madagascar, the choices of people in their local communities will decide how climate change affects us all. You do not have to travel to Costa Rica or the Amazon or some other far flung place to make a difference in turning back the clock on global warming (though that’s an option when environmental travel opens up)! 

Volunteer opportunities to keep our planet healthy are everywhere and environmental volunteers are needed to staff volunteer projects all over the country. You don’t need an in-depth environmental education to be effective. If you live near water, marine conservation is a great choice. You can work on beach clean-ups, plant trees, weed community gardens, help stamp out invasive species, support sustainable farming and more–all without ever leaving your local community.

As the world returns to a new normal in the wake of Covid-19, you may want to think about environmental volunteering abroad. Volunteer organizations can help connect you with environmental conservation projects all over the world, including Latin America. You can get amazing work experience in the natural environment as you help with marine life, community development, reforestation and other kinds of conservation volunteering. International volunteers learn about global conservancy efforts and other cultures as they make a positive impact through environmental volunteer opportunities. 

If you are having trouble finding the right volunteer program, you can start something on your own! You can also use social media to help amplify the good work of others. No matter how you go about it, conservation volunteering can be a satisfying, positive experience. Keep it green, because as they say, at least for now, there is no Planet B.