The most popular bucket list ideas tend to involve travel, because when you get away from your day-to-day environment you can experience new cultures, new cuisines and new climates. These are great ways to enjoy life’s journey, find purpose and rejuvenate the soul.

However, not all bucket list ideas require you to hop a flight to London, China, New York or Paris. You can take a road trip over land or scuba dive underwater and still experience the extraordinary. You can even volunteer in your community and unlock something special in your own backyard.

Here’s a list of bucket list ideas, in no particular order, from the Amava community:

  1. Ride high in the sky while Hot Air Ballooning
  2. Go horseback riding on a Grand Canyon Adventure
  3. Witness the otherworldly Northern Lights in Alaska
  4. Tour the Pyramids and other ancient wonders in Giza, Egypt
  5. Go for a Kayaking Adventure on a lake or open ocean
  6. Eat squid ink pasta in Rome or Venice
  7. Unlock your Indiana Jones and Work on an Archaeology Dig
  8. Snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia
  9. Explore the United States countryside through Train Travel
  10. Hike up to Machu Picchu in Peru before sunrise
  11. Circle the Great Loop from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico
  12. View the Great Wall of China from a helicopter
  13. Test Drive a Tiny House
  14. Drive across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific
  15. Learn how Spanish ham is produced while Touring the Iberico Ham Trail
  16. Attend Mardi Gras or Jazz Festival in New Orleans
  17. Discover hidden worlds while Deep Sea Cave Diving
  18. Attend the Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics or World Cup
  19. Walk the Camino de Santiago and make lifelong friends
  20. Float in the Dead Sea and visit the historical city of Petra
  21. Be a volunteer Lighthouse Keeper
  22. Attend a fashion show in Italy
  23. Get your Speed Racer on and try some Race Car Driving
  24. Take an archery class and hit a bullseye
  25. If you’re adventurous, go hang gliding in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, rafting in New Zealand or skydiving!

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