The news is out about the gig economy and it’s good for baby boomers. If you’ve got some excellent work experience or the desire to try something new, you can connect with a wide array of opportunities to earn some money, stay engaged, meet new people and be part of an organization in a more flexible way than the typical long-term employment situation. Whether you want to unretire or move on from what you’ve been doing, the gig economy could be a great path to designing the life you’re going for. There are opportunities to work on a contract basis, remotely, project-by-project, part-time and more. You can even take your gig on the road. In fact, flexible options are the key to attracting workplace talent and employers have caught on.

If the gig economy sounds intriguing, but you need some fresh ideas about what it could look like for you, Amava has some. We dedicate ourselves to this stuff, so here you go:

Do you enjoy looking things up and chasing down answers? Do it for pay as a Researcher.

There’s so much content out there that someone needs to get down on paper. Got fast fingers? Transcriptionist, anyone?

If you enjoy finding the right person for the job and can chat it up with the best of them, help connect people and opportunities as a Recruiter.

If you’re going to the winery anyway, why not welcome others and share your knowledge. Hello, Tasting Host.

Hey problem solver, how about getting paid to do that as a Customer Service Rep?

Share those ideas and figure out a way to make a bit of money too. That’s what a Blogger does.

Are you that fix-it type? Get the word out: you’re available on-call, you Handyperson, you.

At home or abroad, somebody gets paid to show others around beloved places. Look into working as a Tour Guide and that person could be you.