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21 Reasons to Take the Time to Discover Your...
Why Are We Giving You 21 Reasons to Take the Time to Discover Your Next? ...
Ten 2020 Tidbits to Take With You
It is certainly fair to say that 2020 defied expectations. It was by turns tragic, frustrating and sometimes...
The Amava 2020 Holiday Gift Guide
The hour of the glossy gift guide is upon us. But this year things are different. Do you really need more things?...
How to Minimize Risk if You Travel
The headlines blare as the Covid cases climb. When it comes to planning travel, little is clear. Some of us have to...
Amava Circles: It's Time to Reimagine Gift...
If you’re online more often than usual (who isn’t?), you’re probably seeing those ubiquitous gift guides: listy,...
The Secret to Building Community: Shared...
Creating community is essential to our well-being. If you’re feeling fatigued by physical distancing you are far from...
Your Guide to Social Connection
Social connection is more than a "flavor of the month" mantra. It is a key determinant of your health and well-being. We...
Self-Care is What You Make It
Self-care is something that people are talking and writing about nonstop. But the trick is defining it for—you guessed...
Why Playing Trivia, Charades and Music Games...
It may surprise you to learn that doing something entirely delightful is good for your health. But it’s true. Playing...
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