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Covid-19: As Time Goes By
Amava is a human-centered organization. Our efforts are focused on serving our Members. We’ve been keeping you at the...
Second Chances: Are You Rewriting Any Part of...
2020 has shaken the world. Adjusting to so many changes at once is not for the faint of heart, but those with imagination...
What is a Lifeboat Job and Where Do You Look...
The pandemic has spurned rapid societal shifts. Among them are new terms for things that didn’t exist before. An...
Communication 101(2.0): 3 Tips for the New...
We stare at screens and rely on technology to keep us connected more than we did before the 2020 pandemic. Now seems like...
The Lessons of Covid-19 Lockdowns
Lockdowns come with lessons. In many parts of the country, Covid-19 lockdowns are not quite over and in some places, they...
Suddenly, Last Summer
One summer never ends, One summer never began ...
Best Bucket List Ideas: For Someday...
The most popular bucket list ideas tend to involve travel, because when you get away from your day-to-day environment you...
Freedom, Freestyled
During times of rapid change, it is natural to contemplate your own ideas about freedom.  ...
Environmental Volunteering: At Home and Abroad
Are you interested in environmental volunteering? Earth Day is every day. If there’s anything we all share, it’s...
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