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Don't Retire... Amava
Have you heard the word “unretirement” before? More people are deciding for one reason or another that the “r”...
The Longest Day of the Year: A New View
Usually, when we mark our editorial calendar to write about the longest day of the year, we plan to publish it as close...
The Best Things in Life Are (Almost) Free
How does something become an often-repeated phrase? Well, it helps when somebody writes a catchy song. But usually, it...
Spring Cleaning
Throughout human history, the notion of springtime has been linked to renewal, possibility and fresh starts. In modern...
Women in History
March is National Women’s History Month. Ever wonder how that happened? Here’s a little history on the subject: it...
Keep Your Heart Full and Fit
February is American Heart Month, a socially engaging initiative designed to encourage people to stay heart healthy...


Call us “fulfillment nerds,” but we ask these questions of nearly everyone we meet.

David Bornstein
David Bornstein: Solutions Journalist and CEO. ...
Steve Herz
Steve Herz: From Talent Agent To Writer ...
Mike Dorsey
Mike Dorsey: From Investment Banker and Impact Investor to Entrepreneurship Instructor ...
Jeanne Rosner, MD
Jeanne Rosner: From Pediatric Anesthesiologist to Nutrition Educator ...
Dr. Mary Austin-Seymour
Dr. Mary Austin-Seymour: From Radiation Oncologist to Community Medicine Provider ...
Roberta Boschi
Roberta Boschi: From Nonprofit Executive to English School Owner ...
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Millie & Boo

Two friends, a Millennial and a Boomer, converse about work, social issues,
money, relationships, travel and more.

Millie & Boo
Talking 'Bout My Generation
Today we meet the new generation...same as the old generation? And we introduce Speed Round, just to show how few of the...
Millie & Boo
Book Club
Today, our friends give us their thoughts on the books they want to read and discuss to help them think about ways to...
Millie & Boo
Sheltering in Place a Virtual Chat
Today our friends have a virtual chat about the quickly-changing times and share what each of them is doing to move...
Millie & Boo
Let’s Get Physical 
Welcome back to Millie Boo! Today it’s all about getting moving. ...
Millie & Boo
Ok, Boomer
Today, our friends give us their take on a phrase that’s been going around.  ...
Millie & Boo
On the Gig Economy
Today our friends compare notes on their gigs. ...


Original content about things that matter.

6 Ideas for Your Bucket List
Number one on our bucket list is helping you fill yours. Living long is part of the goal, of course, but we believe it is...
Crafts for Adults: Because Crafts Are Not...
Have you been bitten by the DIY bug? DIY (do-it-yourself) and crafting have taken the world by storm. Just check out the...
Part-Time Jobs for Retirees in the New Normal
Even before Covid-19, the word “retirement” was up for a refresh. While many older workers may have wanted to taper...
Making 24-7 Togetherness Work
For many of us, all of a sudden, the gang’s all here. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, if you are lucky...
Virtual Experiences
Covid-19 has turned so much of life upside down. Both work and our personal lives are playing out on Zoom, FaceTime,...
The Two Sides of One-Way Video Interviews
It's out there. From Fortune 500’s to startups, it's been the human resources flavor-of-the-month for the last 5 years:...
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Book Spotlights

Our take on interesting reads.

Book Spotlight
How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of...
Despite the title, there is no mention of any medical breakthrough or fountain of youth. Rather, this inspiring book...
Book Spotlight
Don’t Take Yes for an Answer: Using...
  Steve Herz is on to something big and empowering. His astonishingly smart, funny and readable book, Don’t Take Yes...
Book Spotlight
The Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier, and...
Years ago in a research lab, some rabbits were fed an ultra high-fat diet for months. As the researchers expected, all...
Book Spotlight
7 Questions to Answer Before You Retire
This short, easy-to-read book is a helpful overview of the main topics to think about if you are planning to retire in...
Book Spotlight
The Charles Schwab Guide to Finances After...
This is a comprehensive guide to the financial side of retirement. Schwab-Pomerantz makes complex material accessible...
Book Spotlight
Elderhood: Redefining Aging, Transforming...
This is a critique of our current medical system and how it handles the special needs of aging patients. Aronson...

Guest Contributors

Experts in their fields break it down for Amava Members and visitors.

Guest Contributor
Caregiving: Thoughts on Scattering Victor's...
After my father (Victor Fellows) passed, we scattered his ashes on San Francisco Bay in the shadow of the Golden Gate...
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: How to Make Extra Money
Like a lot of people, I’m thinking about ways to make some extra money. I am not hoping to work full-time, but am...
Guest Contributor
Life Knows Best: After the Isolation
It’s late afternoon on a lovely, early summer day here in southeast China. As I pen this bit of prose, a cool breeze...
Guest Contributor
Five Tips to Tame the Coronavirus Clutter...
A friend FaceTimed me the other day and man, she didn’t look quite right. “Hey there, you okay…?” I asked.  ...
Guest Contributor
The Life We Imagine: Thoughts on Living
Some of us speak about the stages in life, about where we ought to be at particular times or ages in our lives. We speak...
Guest Contributor
4 Tips for Healthy Minds During Coronavirus...
For all of us, this spring is different from any season we’ve experienced before. Due to Covid-19 quarantines we’re...
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