Women in History

March is National Women’s History Month. Ever wonder how that happened? Here’s a little history on the subject: it started out smaller, the week of March 8th, wrapped around International Women’s Day. Why was March favored over August 26th, the day women won suffrage?

Check out this video for the entertaining answer!

Like many things in America, Women’s History went big in the eighties, when Congress designated March as “Women’s History Month” in 1987.

As with most worthwhile endeavors, these things take time and effort, and often start with a day or a week (National If Pets Had Thumbs Day, keep the faith!). How do you celebrate Women’s History Month? Share with us!

While We’re On the Subject

Speaking of women leading the way, have you read Ashton Applewhite’s book about combating ageism in our culture?

Check out these Black women who were historic gamechangers.

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It’s no secret that the key to a healthier society is to educate and elevate women and girls. You can help!

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“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.” –Serena Williams

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