Why We Are Passionate About Social Connection

Our mission is to keep our Members active, engaged and socially connected. We started long before Covid-19 put the dangers of social isolation on physical and mental health at the forefront, but the pandemic has only deepened our focus on social connection.

The Research

We did the research. Healthy social relationships and strong social ties can be more important to wellness than genes, nutrition or fitness. A lack of social connectedness can be as detrimental to overall health as risk factors like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Going Beyond Social Media

The casual connections you can make quickly on social media are convenient, informative and entertaining. But what we’re after for our Members goes beyond the fleeting feeling of connecting for a moment and the dopamine rush that comes with a like or a click. Humans are social animals. We need to find close friends and tight social groups to feel truly fulfilled.

Dunbar Layers

Oxford University anthropologist and psychologist Robin Dunbar’s ground-breaking research showed that social relationships follow a pattern of layers. People usually have up to five others in their closest circle and an additional ten in the circle beyond. In total, social circles radiate outward starting with 5, 15, 50 and 150.

Filling the Layers

Now more than ever, we’re focused on helping our Members fill those layers with meaningful connections. We seek out socially engaging ways for our Members to learn, earn and give back in their communities and beyond. We will be rolling out more ways for them to come together around their interests in our growing community.

The Challenge of The Moment

In a world transformed by Covid-19, much of the human world has struggled with how to connect when it cannot easily be face-to-face. The universal language of a smile is often behind a mask. This is a great challenge for such a social species, but the good news is many smart, dedicated and energetic organizations are on it. We are teaming up with them. Specifically, we’re connecting our Members to remarkable virtual volunteering experiences with leading nonprofits to keep them talking to people and helping others and guiding them to online learning options tailored to their interests and needs. When Members buy classes on our site it supports our Virtual Volunteering Program. It’s all connected. A circle of sorts.

If you have any questions about learning or volunteering with Amava, reach out. We’re so glad you’ve joined our circle.

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