The Best Things in Life Are (Almost) Free

How does something become an often-repeated phrase? Well, it helps when somebody writes a catchy song. But usually, it starts with at least a kernel of universal truth. As change begins to accelerate around us and our perceptions about the meaning of success fluctuate, the idea that satisfaction can’t be bought is making a comeback. In our market-driven economy it is tempting to fall into believing that everything good has a price, but there is evidence to the contrary. It is true that the resources to access “the free” are still needed — time and technology. Thankfully, there are organizations working on this. (And you can too if that appeals to you).

So, what have we got for you besides the old “stop and smell the roses” reminder?

We’ve got micro-experiences and they count. Creating and enjoying small moments for yourself, your loved ones, your colleagues and your community members is a powerful way to stay grounded. And it’s absolutely free or pretty close.

Thinking is free and so are many options to learn. You might find that you want to invest some amount in courses with experts, depending upon what you want to know and what you want to do next. Any way you look at it, there is a revolution in access to learning going on and you can take part. Here’s a primer to help you think it through.

Listening is free. There are so many souls out there who are willing to share their great ideas. Look and listen. There are so many quality corners of the internet. For example, Amava Members have shown up big for one another to crowdsource ideas for getting through challenging times.

Most people do not think of “free” and “bucket list” in the same sentence, and that’s understandable. Still, there are ways to get the thrill ride without the crazy price tag.

You can define the best things in your life and find your own path. We’re here to help.

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