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If you live to eat, cook, bake or learn about food, you know how fascinating it can be. What if you could make more of your love of things culinary? Food information is everywhere —television, blogs, and social media. If your interest goes beyond the quest for that one superfood that is this week’s key to longevity, you can take your fascination and turn it into ways to earn, learn, meet people and give back. That’s why we’ve dug in deeper for you and spent time with inspiring people who reinvented themselves to pursue their passion for wine and food. We want you to Discover Your Next and we want it to be delicious!

Food-Inspired Spotlights

Mix up some craft cocktails and listen well as a Bartender.

You don’t need any special skills other than a big heart to help Feed the Hungry.

Heighten your sense of taste and support organizations for the blind by Dining in the Dark.

If travel and food are more your style, consider Touring the Ibérico Ham Trail.

Many busy people don’t have time to pick up the good stuff, but you can help as a Personal Grocery Shopper.

Test your flavors and knife skills as a Caterer.

Share what you’ve learned about healthy food as a Cooking/Nutrition Education Volunteer.

Amava Transitions: Changing Focus to Wine and Food!

“Pick something that you would do for free and give it everything that you’ve got. That’s what we did. We had a clear idea of the world we wanted to live and work in and just went for it without a thought that it wasn’t going to happen.”

Check out this fascinating story of a former radio DJ who made a place for himself in the world of wine.

“I started baking and giving cakes to friends and neighbors for free. It was a way to feel complete. My kids were getting older and I had more time. I didn’t know much about social media but someone told me to open an Instagram account to show my cakes, so I did. That’s how I started.”

Read about a self-taught baker who made a career out of her amazing culinary skills, photography and Instagram.

Millie & Boo Talk Dinner Parties

Check in with our inter-generational friends as they discuss how to plan a dinner party:

Millie: Boo, I’ve been meaning to ask you some dinner party questions. I’m kinda freaking out about having 8 human beings to feed at once, but that’s what I’m doing next weekend.

Boo: Awww, very honored that you’d turn to me. I know how you love your meal kits….

Millie: Alright, alright. I know how you feel about them. They’re overpriced, the packaging, blah, blah. But this time, I’m doing it your way. I will shop, cook, bake, serve and clean up. A real meal. But I need some ideas.

Boo: Welcome to my world, friend. Ok, first question. Any special diets?

Read more about Dinner Party Chat.

More Millie and Boo!

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On the way out…

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

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