Finding Common Ground

At a time when we are polarized by politics, Amava is creating a safe place where we can find common ground by focusing on the things we do everyday to stay fulfilled. Whether making a little extra money, giving back or experiencing something new, there are plenty of positive opportunities to connect with others while staying active…and maybe taking a break from the culture wars. Please share with friends and family. And, let us know how we are doing.

Substitute Teachers are in Demand

Flexible Job Spotlight: Substitute Teaching

Want to be part of the solution and get paid for your time? Substitute teachers are in short supply all over the United States. You can make a difference meeting and sharing your wisdom with the next generation. You might find yourself taking attendance before you can say “Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?”

Flexibility: High

Social Engagement: High

What’s what: Most schools don’t require prior teaching experience or a teaching degree to be a substitute teacher.

Making Uncertainty Work for You

To be successful in any transition, we need to recognize the foundational issues we face when leaving the familiar behind. For many of us, leaving full-time employment or raising our children involves not only a change to our daily schedules, but a change to our very identities and social structures. Amava’s got you! We’ve distilled the common things recommended by scientists, researchers, journalists (and bloggers), authors, gurus, coaches, spiritual leaders, doctors, therapists, Yogi Berra and Barbra Streisand for living long and well: 5.6 Steps to Fulfillment.

On the way out

A little pearl of wisdom from Leonardo da Vinci: “A long life is a life well spent.”

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