Millie And Boo

On Travel

Our friends are talking planes and plans.

Millie: Boo! I got my tickets! I’m going to visit my sister in London!

Boo: Hey, that’s great! Do you want all my recommendations – restaurants, museums, day trips? I can make you a spreadsheet!

Millie: Um, that’s really sweet, thanks. But, no, I don’t want you to go to all that trouble. I’m not really a “checklist traveler” anyway.

Boo: A what?

Millie: A checklist traveler! You know, I don’t need to always go by the book. I kinda like to wander and see where things take me. My sister works all day during the week—on the weekends I’ll be with her. But during the week, I’m gonna do my own thing.

Boo: Your own thing? What’s that mean?

Millie: You know, hang out in cafés, people watch, pick up a copy of TimeOut and see what’s happening. It’s all in there!

Boo: Don’t you wanna buy tickets in advance so you know you can catch shows or exhibits that are cool?

Millie: Nah, it’s fine. To me the whole point of vacation is I don’t have to plan anything. I can’t see and do everything anyway, so I might as well just let it unfold. It’ll be more relaxed that way.

Boo: Wow, we really are different on this point! For me, I don’t want to spend a bunch of money to go somewhere and then miss out on what’s good.

Millie: I have zero FOMO about that. It’s all gonna be good.

Boo: That’s pretty laid back of you! You don’t even read up on your destination before you go?

Millie: Well, sometimes on the plane I do.

Boo: On your phone? Do you always get WiFi?

Millie: Of course! As soon as we hit 10,000 feet I’m connecting. And that’s when I order my snacks too.

Boo: Ha ha. I have to admit something to you—I always seem to have trouble getting on airplane WiFi. I’m that person who is asking the flight attendant if it’s working. Then, I look across the aisle and the person in the seat closest to me is already answering emails. Makes me feel so lame!

Millie: Ha ha! I’ve seen people freaking out about WiFi. I always take pity even though I don’t quite understand the challenge. Oh, you know what else? The credit card swiping when you buy the snacks! What part of pull the screen out towards you so you can get a full swipe do you not understand? The screens move!

Boo: Ok, that’s hilarious, because I’ve done it 20 times. I just keep swiping with the screen flush and it’s a like a short, abrupt swipe and nothing happens. I’ve even tried swiping a second card.

Millie: I can see you doing that!

Boo: Yeah, well it used to be you got served an actual meal as part of your ticket price! You didn’t need to order the “fill-in-the-buzzword” box!

Millie: Huh?

Boo: You know, Protein, Mediterranean, Little Flyers, Paleo…

Millie: Ha ha. Gotcha! Ok, so our travel planning styles are a little different, but you know how I like to find the center. I know one thing we have in common, because I’ve seen you on a travel day!

Boo: Do tell!

Millie: That slumber party couture that we all sport!

Boo: Oh, leggings and a sweatshirt you mean? I’d wear my feetie pajamas if I didn’t need shoes when I landed!

Millie: I’m sure you would; it’s all about comfort! But I was so shocked when I watched Mad Men and saw how swanky everyone dressed when they went on planes.

Boo: Well, be prepared when you land in the UK, because this seems to be an American phenomenon. You’ll blend in fine in London once you change your clothes, but at the airport, they’ll see you coming, Yank!

Millie: I’ll make a note of that. Just kidding. I don’t take notes before vacations!

Boo: So noted.

At Amava, we believe that age does not define us. We favor actual interactions and honest relationships over clichés like the one about Millennials and Baby Boomers being at odds, at cultural loggerheads or at war. The Millennial and Boomer (get it?) are two friends having conversations about things that matter—work, social issues, money, relationships, travel and more. They were nice enough to write some of it down for us so you can be entertained and perhaps enlightened by their sharing and comparing. We hope it inspires you to start conversations of your own.

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