Millie And Boo

On Gratefulness & Sweet Potatoes

We hope you enjoy their take on the most wonderful time of the year.

Millie: Hey, Boo! Thanks for meeting me for an outdoor visit. Love your mask! You know how I love that cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and pumpkin time of year.

Boo: I do, indeed. Always cracks me up when you break out the scarves even on those days when it’s 65 degrees.

Millie: Don’t hate, appreciate! You know how I feel about my holiday season.

Boo: Ha ha. I’m not a hater! Haters need not apply. There rides the peace train!

Millie: Yeah, that. I think….

Boo: So, let me ask you, why is it you’re so into the holidays?

Millie: Ha ha, how much time do you have?

Boo: Hey, you listen to my rants all the time. Go!

Millie: Oh, yay, it’s my turn! OK, so here’s the thing. Gratitude. Don’t make fun of me, but I’m into it. To keep perspective and stay mentally healthy, I journal about it. And it helps. The world seems a little crazy and scary sometimes, so I just come back to all the people and good things I’m grateful for and it grounds me. And as soon as it hits November, I feel like other people are doing it too; it’s just in the air. That’s comforting to me, you know?

Boo: That’s really cool and I do know. Not sure it explains your need to have spiced everything and the holiday music Spotify playlist that you’re constantly cranking, but I feel what you’re saying. Also, you hopefully get to connect with the people you’re so grateful for, even though I know that’s not so simple this year.

Millie: Absolutely. OK, let’s not forget the food! Hello, gingerbread! Nice to see you, cranberry sauce. Oh, how I’ve missed you, sweet potatoes. It’s not any one thing—it’s everything. And I think I can explain the spiced whatnot—it recalls the smell in my parents’ house around the holidays, the feeling of warmth—it just takes me back.

Boo: What’s your actual favorite holiday food?

Millie: Hmmm. I love cranberries with everything—lemony salad with dried cranberries especially. Also, I love roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts – those I like crispy with balsamic vinegar to be exact. Oh, and my mom can seriously make a pie. Multiple pies. Just get out of her way.

Boo: Mmmmmm, pie. And her’s are the best. Did you purposely leave out turkey and other meat because of my vegetarianism?

Millie: No…I know you cook it for your kids and your husband! I love the turkey too—I’m just insanely in love with the sides and the dessert.

Boo: And there I was being all grateful about your thoughtfulness.

Millie: See, gratefulness! It’s contagious.

At Amava, we believe that age does not define us. We favor actual interactions and honest relationships over clichés like the one about Millennials and Baby Boomers being at odds, at cultural loggerheads or at war. The Millennial and Boomer (get it?) are two friends having conversations about things that matter—work, social issues, money, relationships, travel and more. They were nice enough to write some of it down for us so you can be entertained and perhaps enlightened by their sharing and comparing. We hope it inspires you to start conversations of your own.

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