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Amava Inclusivity Initiative

Make the Amava Inclusivity Pledge When You Become an Amava Partner

“We recognize the value of all people. We pledge to foster a positive environment that supports an age-diverse workforce.”

By agreeing to offer opportunities to Amava Members, you confirm your commitment to this Pledge.


Earn Your Amava Inclusivity Initiative Badge

What better way to show your organization’s commitment to your customers than to bring people like them on board as part of your team. Take the Amava Inclusivity Pledge, become an Amava Partner and offer opportunities in your organization for our Members to earn, learn, give back and more.


List Openings on Your Spotlight

Earn your Amava Inclusivity Badge by making appropriate jobs and volunteer opportunities available to Members in your Spotlight.


Hire Amava Members

When you make Amava Members part of your team, your organization will receive additional recognition on our site and in the press as well.


Benefits of Participating

  • Access experienced, reliable applicants who understand your target customers because they are your target customers.

  • Get confidential feedback from Members so that you can hear about your great work or improve your practices and address issues.

  • Enhance your brand and value proposition by showing support for your customers with your practices, policies and actions as well as your products and services.

  • Foster a more positive, productive work environment.



1. Your organization may mention that you took the Pledge and became a Partner in employment or volunteer ads.

2. Organization may use the Initiative graphics on the Organization’s career/employment/volunteer pages, home page, media or news page, or honors and recognition page. Additionally, the graphics may be used in a print or electronic advertisement announcing that the employer has joined the Initiative.

3. The Initiative graphics may be used as a ‘badge’ on the organization’s website, linking it directly to the Amava Inclusivity Initiative webpage,

4. In the event that the Organization, in Amava’s sole discretion, no longer meets the Initiative criteria, or in the event that the Program is terminated, Organization shall immediately cease all use of the graphics in its communications and materials.

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Amava Member Benefits
  • Access to Amava Circles to connect, share, learn and have fun
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  • A personalized profile to connect with other members
  • Exclusive offers and services

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