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How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations

By Marc Freedman

Title: [How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations](*

Who is Marc Freedman?: Marc Freedman is the CEO of He spearheaded the creation of the Encore Fellowships program, enabling people to find “encore” jobs which help society. Marc is a thought leader on the topic of longevity and how people in the second half of life can find purpose

Amava Take: Despite the title, there is no mention of any medical breakthrough or fountain of youth. Rather, this inspiring book details what Freedman has learned over decades about how people find meaning. (Spoiler alert: it’s not acquiring more stuff, it’s giving back and connecting with the next generation that is the key). This unique book is part memoir, part sociology treatise and part inspiring stories of real people who work tirelessly to support the younger generation.

Memorable Line: “Planting, tending, bequeathing to the next generation–it’s the essential human project…It is our role as older people to plant those trees under whose shade we shall never sit. Our task is not to try to be young, but to be there for those who actually are.”

What We’d Tell Our Friends: This book is well worth reading! It is a quick read and has a hopeful message about how the young and the less young can help each other thrive.

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