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7 Questions to Answer Before You Retire

By: Hilary Henderson

Title: 7 Questions to Answer Before you Retire: Simple Steps to Finding Purpose and Meaning in your Life’s Next Chapter(2018)

Who is Hilary Henderson?: Hilary Henderson found herself unexpectedly unemployed at age 60 and embarked on a new career as a life coach to try to help others with retirement planning.

Amava Take: This short, easy-to-read book is a helpful overview of the main topics to think about if you are planning to retire in the next few years, or have recently retired. Henderson covers finance, housing, giving your life purpose, health, social networking, and supplementing your income. She also includes resources for delving deeper into a topic. In addition, there is an online workbook to personalize your planning. Henderson’s recommendations are practical and quite useful, but because Henderson lives in South Africa some of her advice (e.g. on wills) may not apply to people living in other countries.

Memorable Line: “Retirement is starting to depend on what we put into it…The key is to plan, prepare, and then adapt.”

What We’d Tell Our Friends: This book is quite short, so it’s a good introduction to retirement planning and perfect if you want to start thinking about the transition to retirement but don’t have a lot of time. In just two or three hours you can become aware of the main challenges you could face and obtain some suggestions to address them.

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