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You make money for every person who enrolls in your classes. Our low fees: 7% transaction fee, 3% + .25 payment processing fee.

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Amava advertises your classes across the web. You don’t pay anything unless a student enrolls from one of these ads.

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Spend less time administering your classes and more time connecting with students!

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Our live virtual classrooms give you the freedom to teach from home or wherever you are. While most classes are live, you can also choose a self-paced format.

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You don’t need to have experience teaching to get started. Follow our process and in no time you’ll be on your way to teaching a class.

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We take care of dozens of administrative tasks so you can focus on your students!

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Build your brand and reputation with your network and beyond.

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We make it easy for you to share class descriptions on your website or blog, and also on social media.

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We market you and your classes on our site and across the web. We also partner with companies so you can teach your classes to their customers or employees.

Create deeper engagement

We’ll help you design classes that inspire students and help them achieve their goals.

Teach to make money, give back or just connect with people

Whether you want teaching to be your primary source of income, a more meaningful “side-hustle”, a way to give back to your community or simply a powerful path to creating new connections, we have the tools and team to help you succeed.

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Everything you need to set up and run your classes in one neat little package.

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A safe, secure environment to set up classes for members, employees, customers. Plus the ability to easily contract with hundreds of world class guides and offer thousands of interactive classes.

Learn more about our programs for organizations.

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We are committed to helping you achieve your goals as a guide with support, classes, educational content and community.

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We provide you with the resources you need to be successful, including a live training session before you teach your first class.

Guide Stories

We love what we do, but enough from us. Hear directly from our Guides why they love what they do and why it might be perfect for you.

"I appreciate how easy it was to set up my classes with Amava so that I could start to share what I know with others around innovation in work as well as in cooking."

Jason Goux, Innovation executive and chef

"I am excited to work with Amava and the online offering of connection and education! It's a pleasure to promote Amava and grow my partnership. I am enjoying the process and appreciate the platform and all it offers at this unprecedented time in history. I look forward to continued expansion."

Deborah D'Ippolito, Life coach and destiny designer

"I'm very glad to be offering my classes through Amava and looking forward to the long-term growth potential. I love connecting with people in this 'live' way!"

Kat Fitzpatrick, Author, writing teacher and outdoor educator

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