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Life Coaching seems to be in my social media feed a lot lately and I have a ton of life experience so this may be an opportunity for me. I used to work in New York, but I have recently relocated to Atlanta. What exactly is a Life Coach and how do I go about becoming one, what types of Life Coaches are there, and is it realistic for me to try this in my new city?


Sally R.

Hi Sally,

Great question on a popular topic! There are several life coach paths to explore. If you want to choose a certified life coach path, the Association of Coach Training Organizations has a guide on how to choose a coach training organization that identifies several options.

Life coaching can encompass many job descriptions and you may see a range of job postings including life skills coach, relationship coach, retirement coach, health coach, wellness coach or business coach. There’s even free spirit coaching. In most cases you can decide if you want to be part-time or full-time, and if you prefer to work independently or with other team members. Jobs are available in the United States or you can explore international online possibilities through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Depending on the job title you may need a Bachelor’s degree, especially if you are going into the mental health field or case management. There are several options for training programs or coach training. Start by identifying what skills you have to teach others. Some of our Members have built skills as a college student mentor or online mentor. If you have specialized knowledge, you can consider business mentoring or volunteering your time with entrepreneurs in your community.

Have you been a sales representative, or worked with setting up non-profit organizations? Have you conquered weight loss, sold life insurance or worked as a case manager? Whatever your job type, you have gained valuable knowledge over time through your experiences that others can learn from. And you can coach them! After you have decided what kind of coaching you want to do, identify your target audience for the skills you want to share. It could be recent high school graduates or established business executives. Can you coach others in your current company and build your skills or do you need to Google other possibilities and set up your independent status?

Coaching salaries vary depending on the field you choose, your training and your independent or group status. If you are thinking of becoming an independent coach we can recommend classes such as:

Experience is a key consideration here. For example, if you have years of corporate experience and a proven track record managing other people, that credibility can help you. The industry is largely unregulated, but there are Executive Coach certification programs both online and at various schools. You can tap into your network, or look into the many organizations that organize, educate and deploy Executive Coaches. Check into job alerts for companies near you as well.

So many possibilities to pass along your wisdom!

All the best,

Team Amava

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