What is a Lifeboat Job and Where Do You Look For One?

The pandemic has spurned rapid societal shifts. Among them are new terms for things that didn’t exist before. An example? Hot off the presses, the lifeboat job. It used to have something to do with watercraft. Now it’s a job to hold people over until the economy recovers—a metaphorical lifeboat as opposed to a literal one.

Burning Glass Technologies put together a report, “Filling the Lifeboats: Getting Americans Back to Work in the Pandemic,” pulled from their database of over a billion job listings from all over the world. The bottom line: some quantity of lifeboat jobs exist and they can lead to promising future paths.

Pandemic-Created Jobs

Pandemics do create some jobs. A classic example is the geometric increase in the need for contact tracers. While there may not be a lifeboat job for every person confronted with unemployment, there is information out there about where to look.

According to a Workforce Insights piece from LinkedIn written by Senior Editor George Anders, there are other places to look including mental health jobs, medical sales, personal shopping and loan officer positions. The article also points to skills adjacent to tele-health and videoconferencing. If you want to zero in on something, many sites have harnessed the power of data to compile lists of employers who are hiring all over the country. Quite a few of them include tips and tricks for connecting with opportunities.

Tools for Reinvention

If you’re thinking about a reinvention, you’re far from alone. We’ve got tools to help you along.

In uncertain times, experience counts. If you position yourself correctly, it could be your lifeboat. As always, if you have questions or need guidance about where to begin, reach out to our Member Services Team. We’ll help you think things through.

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