The Lessons of Covid-19 Lockdowns

Lockdowns come with lessons. In many parts of the country, Covid-19 lockdowns are not quite over and in some places, they may be starting up again. Most of us have tried to be as adaptable and resilient as we can. We’ve taken the time to think about our futures in a new way, make small things count and lead others in difficult times. But in many households, quarantine fatigue has set in and we have to use some ingenuity to handle our collective restlessness responsibly, whether that is in the realm of work, our communities or even beyond.

Moving about the new normal.

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have workplaces to go to or people we can begin to see, if even at a safe physical distance with masks that cover our smiles, it is the start of a big moment. It may unfold slowly over weeks or even months, but that gives us a chance to think about how we move about the new normal carrying lessons learned from Covid-19 lockdowns.

Here’s a list of things that keep on coming up from Members of the Amava community:

We are honored that you have chosen to spend your time with us. Stick around and let’s keep growing together. Stay safe and healthy.

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