Second Chances: Are You Rewriting Any Part of Your Life?

2020 has shaken the world. Adjusting to so many changes at once is not for the faint of heart, but those with imagination and flexibility may find themselves with the opportunity to work on a rewrite of their personal narrative. When the ground beneath us feels unsteady, it can shake loose curiosities and longings that we might not have otherwise addressed. Plus, actively rewriting your own narrative beats doomscrolling every time!

As a company, we have used this time to stay focused on the social engagement of our Members and a lovely byproduct of those efforts is that we’ve heard from so many of them who have taken this time to work on “rewrites.” It is an honor to share some of them on our site and we hope it spurs more people to pursue their own unique definition of personal or professional growth.

Here are some inspiring Amava “rewrites”:

One retired nurse jumped right into the fray and spent 7 weeks working with Covid-19 patients in New York through a healthcare provider service. Now, she is working in contact tracing, which she thinks will keep her busy and active for quite some time.

Another Member has shared that she’s begun the practice of mindfulness. She notes that when you are continuously in the present moment, the time before and after do not seem as significant. We’ve been doing some reading on the subject of mindfulness as well.

Members are starting new careers. We’ve heard from people training to be health coaches and veterinary assistants. Others are staying busy as online tutors. One amazing Member took her life on the road and started working for us remotely!

Quite a few of our Members have taken up online learning to further those new careers (or to learn for the pleasure of it). One notes that “As someone whose primary role is a caregiver for someone who needs 24/7 care, online learning helps keep my mind active and I can learn in the comfort of my home.”

We have been doing some rewriting of our own. We’ve put together Amava Circles (and there’s one about Memoirs and Family Archiving Circles are a fun, flexible and affordable way to connect with real people for some great conversations, sharing and learning. Revenue from Circles helps support another project, the Amava Virtual Volunteers Program, which helps Amava Members to connect with others while helping those in need by volunteering for leading organizations doing things like participating in women’s health research, comforting hospitalized children, helping the homeless and more.

Have you been working on a rewrite? Tell us about it at [email protected].

I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” – Maya Angelou

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