Part-Time Jobs for Retirees in the New Normal

Even before Covid-19, the word “retirement” was up for a refresh. While many older workers may have wanted to taper down from full-time work, a great number were already on the hunt for part-time jobs. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics was reporting that the Baby Boomer generation was among the fastest growing groups in the workforce for various reasons. Some people wanted to earn extra income through part-time work to supplement the retirement income they could expect from social security or private retirement plans. Others were after social engagement or just enough hours to maintain healthcare coverage. Part of our mission at Amava has always been to lead our Members to ideas for great part-time jobs to keep them active and engaged. Now, with uncertainty in the air, it’s more important than ever.

We have scoured the landscape to find the best part-time job ideas for our Members. You can search on large sites like LinkedIn or even AARP, but before you get lost, consider what you really want to do. Whether you have a high school education or a Ph.D., no two listings have the same job search criteria. It may be that you want a challenge, a flexible schedule, a new way to interact with people or something else. Regardless of your skillset (and you can always try some community college courses to upskill) or the median pay you may be accustomed to, Amava has Flexible Job Spotlights that may interest you as you embark upon the new normal. We’ve even unpacked the multidimensional meaning of the term “flex jobs” to get you prepared.

First, a word about the kinds of places you can find part-time retirement jobs. Besides job opportunities with companies we’ve all heard of, there are also small businesses and nonprofits. Each has unique perks, intangibles like culture and serves a different purpose. Consider these dimensions when you start your job search because they can affect your quality of life enormously.

As for the specifics, we have done some research to get you started. Here are just a few of the part-time and flexible jobs we have highlighted for our Members:

Our flexible and part-time jobs ideas run the gamut and there are more where those came from. You can drive a school bus, teach school, invest in your own new business or find work in your local community. For the energetic, creative and curious, there are several ways to earn extra money in the new normal.

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