Making 24-7 Togetherness Work

For many of us, all of a sudden, the gang’s all here. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, if you are lucky enough to live with someone else (or perhaps a furry family member), things feel a little bit different when you’re all around. All. The. Time. We’ve been talking to Members and friends to get some tips for how to “share an apartment without driving each other crazy.”

Find your spot. If you’re working, establish where. Spread out your space as much as you can–even in a small apartment, there are creative ways to fashion your own spot. Nobody wants to deal with anyone else’s piles, coffee cups or post-it notes. Everyone wants the dog. (That part, you have to work out). If you split up and head to your corner of the dwelling, you’ll be happy to see each other later. If you’re constantly side-by-side, maybe not so much.

Try to keep a schedule. Wake up, brush your teeth and get dressed before you start working or going about your day. If you usually exercise in the morning, keep up the routine. If you feel like yourself and do the things you normally do, you are bound to feel grounded and are also less likely to annoy your cohabitants. There’s enough uncertainty out there; give ‘em what they expect.

Meet for meals. This will give you all something to look forward to and add structure to your day. If you’re feeling friendly, text each other recipe ideas!

Be considerate. Use your inside voice. Most likely the people on the Zoom call can hear you just fine. Really. If you walk by your partner, roommate or child and that person has headphones in, assume a call is in progress. Use nonverbal communication before you start your speech about the article you just read.

Socialize on your own. Not every social video call that happens in your house has to be for everyone. Cultivate your own relationships, just as you would if you were out and about. And really, nobody else wants to hear you reminisce with your elementary school bestie anyway.

Keep it clean. Work together to keep your place clean and organized. Not because you are expecting guests. Do it for yourselves and each other.

Who knows, if you perfect the art of 24-7 togetherness you might actually miss these days!

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