How Staying Put Can Help You Discover Your Next

If you have never experienced working from home or staying in except for essentials, then you might be getting a bit antsy by now. Even if you have, in the past it was likely by choice, not necessity. Whether you are accustomed to working outside the home, traveling regularly, going places to volunteer, exercise or just out for a cup of coffee with a friend, things have changed quickly. This is a disorienting time for everyone, but particularly someone who prefers to be active and engaged with others.

There are many lists of things you can do, classes you can take, ways to continue to build your business skills and ideas for helping out in your community. You can find them on our site and all over the internet and they can keep you occupied.

Here’s another thing you can do today: start to design your next steps. Learn from these unprecedented circumstances – they are a case study in what does and may not work for you. In some ways, if you have started thinking about retirement, “unretirement,” or just a change, this is a try-before-you-buy moment. You may have heard about “honeymoon periods,” and how many people experience initial elation followed by emptiness when they retire. You have a unique opportunity to think it all through.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Am I content staying home?

Do I like puttering, organizing, cooking and such?

Do I enjoy gardening?

Is there something new that I am drawn to learning?

Is this the place I would always like to live?

Is taking care of myself or anyone I live with something that gives me energy?

Would I be happy to welcome a pet into my life if I don’t already have one?

Am I trying new things that I never had time for?

How am I staying in touch with loved ones?

Can I figure out a way to be helpful to my community?

Where do I hope to travel in the future?

What do I miss doing most that I cannot currently do?

These answers, taken together, may help you start on the path to Discover Your Next. There will be a lot of details and discussions. We’re here to help.

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