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Stay Active, Save Money. Our 300,000+ exclusive offers and discounts will keep you busy.

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Enhance your days. Use our personal assessments to set engagement objectives and keep yourself active.

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Simplify your health benefits. Our experts will demystify them and make sure your health insurance (pre- or post-Medicare), dental and vision coverage are working for you.

Live your life to the fullest.Our certified retirement coaches are trained in non-financial aspects of post-career life and can help you chart a fulfilling path.

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My Amava is free to anyone who wants to stay active and engaged:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What does Amava mean? A: Amava means “loved” in Catalan and "experience" in Xhosa, a South African language.

    Q: Who is Amava for? A: Amava was originally intended for people who are thinking about leaving full-time work, have left already or “empty-nesters” thinking about what’s next. There is no age restriction. Anyone looking for activities, connections or services is welcome to join.

    Q: How much does Amava cost? A: Basic Membership is free. You can get Gold Membership today for $4/month with unlimited use of our Activity Concierge and hosted Member events plus access to premium products including Health Benefits Assessment and Jumpstart Your Retirement. A portion of your Gold dues supports free Basic Membership and minimizes advertising. You can also subscribe to the Amava Post for free.


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